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You could call me a creative tech geek who's spent her entire life doing something artistic: illustrating, designing products, developing web sites, taking photographs and so on. For much of my professional life, I've been involved in graphic design in some way or another. My time now is spent mainly designing databases and web-based data collection applications.

Recently someone asked me, "So you're a designer who knows more about programming than most web designers do?" Yes, that sounds pretty accurate to me. I'm not only expert in HTML, but I also understand how to make design revisions to a Web page without messing up the application code that someone else spent hours developing. In addition, my graduate course work in Information Systems Management at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, and professional experience as a computer consultant have enabled me to truly understand both the potential of technology and to communicate with both technical and creative staff.

One of my former managers told me once that he wanted to have the ability to "manage by speaking." He just wanted to tell his people what to do, and in return have the tasks get completed. Simple? Perhaps not. He went on to say if everyone in this firm were like me his concept would work. In other words, while I am a self-starter who needs little supervision, I'm also continually thinking of the next project, looking for new ways to increase productivity, and considering how I can make a positive impact.